Healing Workshop

How I healed my relationship with motherhood to truly trust my intuition and raise my new earth child from a place of empowerment.

Do you feel 

You and your rainbow child are holding trauma from the birth?

Disconnected from motherhood and your baby but unsure why?

A lack of energy (aren't we all), vitality and joy and longing for it?

A need for some YOU time to heal and grow?

Desperate to find alternative ways to heal yourself and children?

As mothers, it's easy to become consumed by the enormous responsibility of raising our children and ignore our own desires. It's important to recognize our transformation into motherhood and all the beauty, healing, and growth that comes along with it. It's time to embrace our divine goddess and view motherhood as a rebirth – a chance to rediscover ourselves.

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This work has allowed me to learn more about myself as an individual and a mother. It has helped me clear blocks and beliefs that allowed me to be more present with my daughter and just be a better mom and person overall.


Transending from postpartum blues to a confident happy mama was a journey for me. I had to connect with my inner voice, trust my gut, and find the tools that worked for me. That's when the magic happened - I finally found my groove and enjoyed every moment of motherhood, without feeling lost and lonely in this experience.


I never realized how much trauma I was holding from birth until I took the time to process that experience.  Releasing this has allowed me a much deeper bond with my son.


February 3rd 2024

Become a Mystic Mama


Replays avaliable

What can you expect?


Enhance Your Parenting Abilities by Strengthening Your Intuition Connection


Balance chakras can help you recover from emotional wounds, improve your intuition, and restore harmony in your life.


Acquire Womb Codes to Break the Cycle of Outdated Beliefs and Trauma


Learn how to let go of stress, reclaim your energy, and integrate you new identity with grace.


I am Emily Miotto, a ThetaHealer, and mother of one little awakener. My own experiences with postpartum depression inspired me to help other mothers find balance and joy within themselves and in motherhood. 

Through spiritual practices and self-care, I discovered how to prioritize myself outside of motherhood while providing unconditional love to my little one. My teachings are designed to help you release generational beliefs and any blockages that may be holding you back from becoming the best version of yourself. 

I can't wait to see you not only heal yourself, but also find empowerment in taking the healing of your child into your own hands.  

That's why I'm beyond excited to be hosting this healing workshop where you'll receive the codes and activations needed to truly feel empowered as a Mystic Mama.

Let’s talk workshop Wisdom

Do I need to be a new mom?

No! This workshop will help a mama at any stage of the journey (because healing never ends)!

Will i Receive a healing?

You'll be receiving healing, womb activations, downloads and programmes all tailored to enhancing your rebirth into motherhood.

If i can't make the live, will there be a replay?

Yes, there will be a replay available, and you'll still receive the healing even after the live is over.

Do I need to have an understanding of thetahealing?

Whether you're a practitioner or have never heard of ThetaHealing, you'll still receive immense benefits from this workshop.

What if i didn't have a traumatic birth?

Even with the most sacred birth, it's still a traumatic experience for both mom and baby as there is separation involved.  So this workshop will heal that and so much more.

Don't stay unhappy and disconnected.  Sign up now so you can break the cycle of generational trauma and feel empowered as a mama!