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5 Pillars to Protecting your Child's Spiritual Connection


The New Earth children are here, and they are needing protection from the corruption, indoctrination, and programming that is presenting in our world today.


From the food you eat, 5G and endless va**ines being pushed on you and your kids, it's crucial for you to do all you can to protect not only their physical health, but their spiritual health.


Join me for a deep dive into the conscious, actionable and aligned steps you can take today to protect and strengthen your child's spiritual connection & development.


Supporting the New Earth Children

The children coming into the world right now are more intuitive, connected and conscious than ever before… and more susceptible to the chaos of this physical experience.

But I get it.  There is so much to think about when it comes to raising kids.  You're told the proper food to feed them, milestones they need to hit, activities you want to sign them up for; and it can seem overwhelming to think about another aspect of parenting.  

But let me ease your heart and mind.  Supporting your child's spiritual development is easier than it may seem.  This has become the most neglected focus of child raising, when it is in fact most important… 

and I'm teaching you about it in this masterclass

By diving into the 5 pillars of spiritual protection, you'll feel confident in your parenting abilities and the impact you're making on your children.


foster intuitive abilities

Stop the cycle of gas lighting  intuitive abilities through supporting your child's natural gifts


clear their vessel

Discover the hidden energy blockers in your day to day life and the impact it's having on your child


Enhance Your Relationship

Gain a deeper level on connection with your child, tune into their specific needs, and use this to better their sleep, eating, and mood


Realign energy

Reframe your own beliefs around energy, healing, consciousness and trust and change your child's DNA through healing your own.

Spiritual development starts the moment of conception

The ages of 0-7 is the MOST important time for fostering, supporting and protecting your child's spiritual development.

This will strengthen their self-esteem, mental, physical and emotional health, and set them up for a life of authenticity and bliss.

60-Minute Virtual Masterclass

Join me as we explore the 5 pillars to protecting your childs spiritual connection and ensuring these new earth children are supporting in shifting the collective consciousness.

The New Earth Children are here, and ready to make an impact in the world… they just need our help!